No response even after DwlWin

Hi, i probably downloaded a new firmware without erasing the previous one with at+wopen=4 commmand. The result, after at+wopen=1 commmand is that the module seems to be resetting periodically. When I tried to reinstall OpenAT with DwlWin I get the “unexpected responce” message from DwlWin just before erasing the applicative data. I cheked me serial port, all signals, including CTS and RTS seem to be ok. any ideias? :confused:

at+wopen=4 erases the current user application not the firmware.


did u give at+wopen=0 before using dwlwin?

S. Vanee

Type at+wopen=0 when it reset. I think auto-reseting may stop, you have order to the OS “Run my application” with no application loaded.