AT+WOPEN respons


I tried to erase my app from flash using AT+WOPEN. It worked when I use AT+WOPEN=4,


The problem is when I send AT+WOPEN=3


What went wrong? Is there any other solution to completely erase app from flash?


AT+WOPEN=3 erases object memory (objects that you store using the Flash API). If the flash has already been erased using this command, you will receive the error that you did.

AT+WOPEN=4 on the other hand erases application flash memory (i.e the Open-AT application that you downloaded onto the module). Once you send this command, the application is completely removed.


Thank tomridl,
I’m a newbie in openat stuff, so thank for informed me this little thing.
Best Regards.


I did the same thing (WOPEN = 3 & WOPEN=4) and now I can’t get WIPCFG=1 to work (I get ERROR).
How can I restore the default settings?. I did installed the Hello World program and it runs. Also with AT+WOPEN=2
I get +WOPEN: 2,“AT v06.20”,“AT v06.30” but WIPCFG=1 keeps giving errors.

Thanks in advance




First you need to download WIPSoft.dwl(you will find this inside the WIP folder, under the software suite installations) file on the modem, then issue AT+WOPEN=1, then try to issue AT+WIPCFG command.


Thanks a lot Rex_alex, that did it.