Error with at+wopen=3


Hi everyone,

I have a problem : i can’t erase flash object because at+wopen=3 don’t work :


I use a Q2686H (660_09gg.Q2686H 1952244 030806 18:53)

I have done an at+wopen=0 before to stop the application according to the manual.

Thank you




Hello gdt,
There are two reasons when AT+WOPEN=3 return you an error (specifically +CME ERROR: 532)

  1. When the Open-AT application is active and AT+WOPEN=3 command is given.
  2. When there is nothing to erase in the A&D memory (i.e. the memory is already clear).

I think that in your case, the A&D memory contains nothing to be erased. This can be the reason why you received ERROR when you executed AT+WOPEN=3 command. Also enable the +CMEE error codes to check if you receive a +CME ERROR: 532 or something else.

One of the cause of this problem can be that you have executed your application which writes to A&D storage in debug mode of execution. In debug mode, the data is not actually written in the A&D storage. Rather, it is written in files present in the /rte/objects directory in the folder containing your Open-AT application.
This can be one of the reason that you received ERROR in response to AT+WOPEN =3 command.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.


Hi OpenAT_Fan,

I have executed my application in debug mode…
Thank you for help !