Q2686 upgrade with DWLWIN


Hi, I know this has been addressed before,but please bear with me. I have read through all the posts but have different problems.

Here is the setup:

  1. Q2686 with all UART1 signals connected (well, except for RING).
  2. nReset is on switch to ground, normally open, grounded for reset. I rely on internal pullup of nReset pin for normal operation.
  3. Boot pin connected through switch to 1V8. ( I also briefly tried 2V8 after no luck with 1V8, as well as 10k to ground).
  4. I switch the Boot pin to 1V8 and the nReset to ground.
  5. I get DWLWIN ready and press “Start”
  6. I power up the Q2686
  7. I release nReset
  8. DWLWIN starts to “Installing the downloader in the Wireless CPU’s memory…” and completes this section. See screenshot below.
  9. Then nothing happend for many seconds.
  10. DWLWIN then beeps and give this message “Cannot establish the communication with the wireless CPU” and stops.
    I have tried all sorts of alternatives but with no luck. I used the file “R71b00-cus-q26-03.wpk” that I received from my disti this afternoon with DWLWin V4.1.6.13.
    I have tried with different modules, they are all now not responding even to normal AT commands!

I have also traced on the TXD and RXD lines: During the first part of the download, a lot of data is passed to the Q26, who responds with a single byte back to DwlWin. When the first part is done, the DwlWin sends what looks like a single byte to the Q26, who also responds with a single byte, but after a while it times out and stops.

Any help or pointers or new ideas or miracles would be appreciated.

Best regards


seeing that you use com19, i guess that you’re using an usb->serial converter?
have you tried another one? (different vendor, different drivers)


Madouc, yes, I have, i have tried 3 different serial converters and a non usb COM1 but they all did not work. HOWEVER, I have been backwards and forwards so many times without any success, i think it is time to try the COM1 PC again, now that i at least get the first part to work. Thanks for that reminder. Will post the result in a while.



Madouc, firstly, well spotted to pick up the COM19 from the images! I went back to the COM1 machine and redid the test on that one and it works. So I have now converted 4 Q26 bricks into working Q26’s.

Thanks for the pointer. I hope this post would at least save someone else the same problems.



you should insert DODGY in there.
i’ve had problems with some cheap usb->serial converters before
but i can say that i never had any problems with prolific and FTDI.


Madouc…hmmmm, two of the converters I used were FTDI and Prolific… the FTDI one based on FT2232 chip (i think) and the prolific on the PL2302 chip. At one point I had a driver that actually made the Prolific one work ok with flow control, but lost that driver at some point.



I’ve got USB->RS232 converer with FTDI chip working on COM1. Same problem, cannot establish connection.
Programming works properly ( I mean through USB->RS232 converer with FTDI on COM1) when modem is connected via USB on Plugin Card working on COM2 as well.
So problem is probably somwhere on my laptop.