How to update FW663 to R72 on Q2687H

how to update FW663 to R72 on Q2687H? when using DWLWin and R72_00-cus-q26-01.wpk to due with my Q2687H 662_09gg.Q2687H 1945024 042307 12:41
but DWLWin report
Boot failure: cannot connect with the target
Cannot boot up the remote target: giving up
after several retry
Starting up the target (attempt #n)

and DWLWin cannot auto detect Q2687H also,what happen to me? :frowning:

I have the same problem.

can onyone help?

You need to enable/disable the boot-pin.
Then the module is reachable with DWLWin.

enable/disable BOOT PIN?
you mean?

I enable it when startup, but still failed
I disable it, but still invalid
I pulse it(enable it then perform a hard-reset),DWLWin report :
Boot failure: received unexpected data
Failed to communicate with the baseband

i was not in the vicinity of my documentation when i wrote that, the boot pin should be enabled (pulled high - 1.8V).