DWLWin and SL6087

I’m using DWLWIN V4.1.6.19 but the AirPrime type dropdown box does not list SL6087.

Using Autodetect I get the following error:

I do have the boot connected to the 1V8 generated by the CPU.

It is OK to use “AutoDetect” for SL6087.
Please try to power up or reset SL6087 after you clicked “start” in DwlWin, so that DwlWin can detect the module.


That’s what I do lotam

Try to hold the reset button for 2 seconds after you press start in DWLWin.
I seem to recall that there was some minor detection issue with SL6087 that could be solved that way.

Thank you Tobias. I did this and then the progress bar started filling up.
But! Then this happened when the bar was full:

Fatal timeout error: the target is no longer responding

Any clue on this?