SL6087 and DWLwin



We are finding a easy way to program the SL6087 to manufacture process. I think that the best way is using the DWLwin program but it doesn´t detect the module. I check autodetect and start (no firmware files added yet), but i always get:

Boot failure: unknown baseband or unexpected answer received Cannot boot up the remote target: autodetection failed

I try to reset and power up after click start, but it doesn´t work. I haven´t had problems programing the board with the development studio and via Hyperterminal. Do you know what is happening? Is this program compatible with SL6087?

Another question: i don´t know where i can finds the files to program the module (bootloader and modem firmware). I always updated them via Development Studio.




You must make sure that the BOOT pin of the module is pulled up to 1V8 before resetting the module.



Perfect! Now it seems that the module is detected. Now, i don´t find the Bootloader and Modem firmware… I have the development studio installed, and i was able to program the module with them, but i don´t find them. Thanks!


I think i need the wpk file R7.51.0.201205311751-cus-wmp-01.wpk. Where can i get it? Thanks,