Download problem


Hi I am having the following problem

I am using a Q2501B module with OPEN AT 3.02. Whenever I am running an application which uses the GPS fuction in remote or target mode either, if then I try to download a new dwl file with hyper terminal the downloading procces cannot finish, I get the message “END OF DOWNLOAD” and I have to use DWLWIN application in order to reset the module and be able to download a new program in the module.

Does anybody knows anything about this ?



I had a similar problem when trying to download into the modem.

Are you using the standard windows hyperterminal?

Try changing the “Emulation” setting in Hyperterminal to “ANSI” or “Auto Detect”.

Hope this helps.




Hi folks,

Put the gps in external mode and for sure shut it down also, i think that corrupts the usart line.

Maybe the following method is not the nicest, but it has always worked for me on all modules and firmwares:

1.AT+WDWL and send the small EEPROM file (x_w.dwl), this puts the modem in default config
3.AT+WDWL and send the Open AT application




Hi tom,

When you say send the small EEPROM file x_w.dwl is this any small EEPROM file or a specific file. If it is specific, where can it be found?

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Hello MikeBean,

This file is located in the Wavecom Core Software directory. In case of
OS 6.51, the name is 651_w.dwl.





I had the same problem…

In Hyperterminal, make sure that your flow control is on…

Hope it helps…



  1. AT+WOPEN=4 && AT+WOPEN=3

  2. Setup the hyperterminal to use hardware flow control and set the speed to high value. (115200) (There is no point using low values, and i saw errors at low speeds, with the eeprom download the speed will also be 115200)

3.AT+WDWL and send the small EEPROM file (x_w.dwl), this puts the modem in default config
5.AT+WDWL and send the Open AT application