Device is dead? HELP

I try download OpenAT application into Q2501B.
I use HyperTerminal. Download prosess has terminated with message END OF DOWNLOAD ((
And now? modem dont answer to any AT command. Every 20 sec this send message “+WIND: 12” or “+WIND: 13”
Typed characters dysplaed into terminal.
HOW to revive modem?

Hi Born,

an END OF DOWNLOAD message is usually not that critical and none of the modules I ever got this error was unusable afterwards. Actually none ever needed a re-flash of the core software.

Have you tried to turn off the module (disconnect the power source) and wait until internal circuits are completely discharged - the power on again?

Best Regards,

Hi Born, i had the same problem. I simply downloaded a corrupted dwl file into modems memory. After that the module resets avery ~20 sec(watchdog timer). You have to download a program called WdlWin and some configurational files in order to reinstall the operational system.

merry christmas,