Application can´t be loaded... why!?

Hi! I´m trying to load my application to the Q2501 Wavecom Module through Hyper Terminal…

After reseting the module with AT+CFUN=1, I try: at+wdwl

But after a few ms… the program says it can´t be uploaded.

Here´s the code that´s causing it:

ascii request[300];
	   ascii atualiza[100];
	   u16 i, len=0;
	   wm_memset (request, '\0',300);

	   wm_sprintf(request,"GET /grava.asp?");

		for(i=0 ; i < 4; i++)
			wm_sprintf(atualiza,"a%d=%s&b=%s&c=%s&d=%s", i , GPS_Array[GPS_Saida].latitude , i , GPS_Array[GPS_Saida].latitude_Indicator , i , GPS_Array[GPS_Saida].longitude, i , GPS_Array[GPS_Saida].longitude_Indicator);
		 wm_sprintf(atualiza," HTTP/1.0\r\\r\nContent-Type: text/html\r\n\r\n");

Can anybody see if I´m doing anything wrong?


Best Regards,


The returned message: “Transfer cancelled by Remote System”


Hi Henrique,
I too have experienced this kind of problem. I think this is due to GPS controller mode (which is set to internal by the Open AT application when it subscribes to GPS). Hence,before downloading the application, please give the following commands,

Now give AT+WDWL command.
Your download should work fine. As you already know that when Open-AT application subscribes to GPS it will try to switch the mode from external to internal. If you return TRUE from the GPS control handler, it will successfully switch to internal mode. Hence, there will be no problem in the normal execution of the application.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.

Now the loading is possible… unfortunately it doesn´t switch the mode from external to internal… even though I have returned TRUE from the GPS control handler.

Best Regardsm