No response from modem!

i got q2501b gps/gsm modem (which was used by my seniors in the college).I want to do the project with it on “GPS vechicle tracking system”.
But my problem is am unable to interface with it. Modem(GPS) is continously sending the default data (i.e. GGA,GSA,GSV and GLL). when i switched it to GSM mode it is not even responding to “AT” plz tell me the solution to this. (I dont know what my seniors configured the modem to)

MY PROBLEM IN SHORT: Unable to interface with GSM modem and GPS modem is sending the data contiously

plz plz help me out!!!


Hi Adee !

Could you explain a bit more what you want/have to do ! Or show the code you dont understand or which is not working…

About GPS, there are 2 ways to handle it :

The external way, in which GPS positions are continiously sent on UART 2 in NMEA frames.

The internal way, with using GPS related ADL functions OR GPS related AT commands.

I strongly recommend you to read Wavecom documentation about :
-AT commands and
-GPS specifics AT commands