[FX30 CAT-1 EMEA] eSIM configuration using French operator Orange

Hi there,

We are using FX30 cat-1 LTE EMEA (European version). We try to use the embedded SIM function. I found this post which says that “eSim in WP76xx is designed for Ready-To-Connect service only”. FX30 is Ready-To-Connect device, so we have two questions:

  • Is that possible to configure eSIM with custom provider (French operator Orange)?
  • If yes, we already have eSIM info like SM-DP+ and activation code. How to store these data inside the eSIM using AT commands?

Many thanks for your help.

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Hi @demathos ,
Firstly, you can try below command to check whether the module can register to Orange.
AT!UIMS=1 // Select eSIM
AT+COPS=1,2,“20801” //Select manually operator(Orange)
AT!GSTATUS? // Check network status

If it doesn’t work, please contact your distributor for helping operator register process


Hello @LemonGreen,
Thank you for your help.
Using the commands you provided, I’m able to:

  • Select eSIM
  • Select manually my operator
  • With AT!GSTATUS? command, I see all operators available in the area (including Orange).

Feel free to correct me if I misunderstand the eSIM functionnality:

  1. Operator gives SM-DP+ and activation code to customer.
  2. Customer stores theses settings inside the eUICC embedded in the FX30.
  3. FX30 contacts operator SM-DP+ server to download eSIM profile using the activation code.
  4. eSIM profile is stored inside the eUICC.

So now the question is about point 2: how to store the subscription info provided by operator (SM-DP+ and activation code) inside the FX30 so that it can handle eSIM connection?