[FX30 CAT-1 EMEA] eSIM configuration using French operator Orange

Hi there,

We are using FX30 cat-1 LTE EMEA (European version). We try to use the embedded SIM function. I found this post which says that “eSim in WP76xx is designed for Ready-To-Connect service only”. FX30 is Ready-To-Connect device, so we have two questions:

  • Is that possible to configure eSIM with custom provider (French operator Orange)?
  • If yes, we already have eSIM info like SM-DP+ and activation code. How to store these data inside the eSIM using AT commands?

Many thanks for your help.

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Hi @demathos ,
Firstly, you can try below command to check whether the module can register to Orange.
AT!UIMS=1 // Select eSIM
AT+COPS=1,2,“20801” //Select manually operator(Orange)
AT!GSTATUS? // Check network status

If it doesn’t work, please contact your distributor for helping operator register process


Hello @LemonGreen,
Thank you for your help.
Using the commands you provided, I’m able to:

  • Select eSIM
  • Select manually my operator
  • With AT!GSTATUS? command, I see all operators available in the area (including Orange).

Feel free to correct me if I misunderstand the eSIM functionnality:

  1. Operator gives SM-DP+ and activation code to customer.
  2. Customer stores theses settings inside the eUICC embedded in the FX30.
  3. FX30 contacts operator SM-DP+ server to download eSIM profile using the activation code.
  4. eSIM profile is stored inside the eUICC.

So now the question is about point 2: how to store the subscription info provided by operator (SM-DP+ and activation code) inside the FX30 so that it can handle eSIM connection?


Hey, are you still looking for a solution? I’m presented with a similar situation and we also need to use eSIMs according to the consumer model. I’m planning to get the EM7565 which is of course different from your device, but I’m assuming the AT command set somewhat overlaps. That being said I’m open to using other modules / devices.

If you have succeeded in achieving an eSIM connection with your module could you please post the AT commands which you used?

Thank you in advance!