Airvantage via 2nd SIM


Wondering if the WP77xx that will have embedded eSIM that supports a 1 SIM port which we will connect an extra SIM to, if we should be expecting problems to connect to Airvantage for FOTA (firmware updates or even app provisioning)?
We’re not planning to use the embedded SIM but the extra SIM we will add since all is unclear and unsafe to take that route. So wondering what we wont be able to achieve that maybe we have not thought about by not using the embedded sierra eSIM?

Also does anyone know if the embedded eSIM is preloaded with an multi-imsi applet that is open for us to leverage or load our applet if we had keys?
OR is it the new GSMA type that requires an RSP server to provision profiles to it?

Any feedback appreciated.

Thank you,


Generically when ever we out any form of SIM/USIM/eUICC onto a unit we provide commands that allow safe switching between them as the unit/radio can only be used with a single SIM any any given time.

With regards what we intend to put onto the unit you will need to discuss with your sales guys but again generically speaking all of our eUICC’s are the same hardware and so can be configured as required by the customer.