WP7611-1 internal eSIM firmware support

Does WP7611-1 firmware fully support the internal eSIM chip?

Can we use the UIM1 interface to communicate to an external eSIM (not a SIM card) without modifications to the WP firmware?

Hi geethanga,

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You can use the !UIMS command to configure it into the eSIM interface.
AT!UIMS=1 (1—UIM2. eSIM (embedded SIM).


I appreciate the prompt response.

I assume the WP7611-1 firmware fully support the internal eSIM (when configured using AT!UIMS=1)?

We are planning on using Verizon as our carrier and the application requires voice and data transmission over the cellular network. Will there be any issues registering the internal eSIM with Verizon? Is there a preferred carrier?




The chip SIM that we have on the unit is a Sierra Wireless eUICC and not ne that you can randomly populate with any profile you want, this is all wrapped up in the whole SIM security eco system), nor is it a consumer eUICC.

So the short answer is probably, no, you won’t be able to use it but you need to talk to your Verizon contact to see what they support and how they might want to do it.