How to use (configure) an eSim with WP7607 and Legato?


I am responsible for developing and maintaining an application for my company using the WP7607 module!

Therefor we want to have the possibility of switching/deciding between a pysical sim (slot 1) and an eSim!
According to the documentation the WP7607 has an integrated eSim module, which can be used, if sim slot 2 is not used (physical sim).

But in the docs there is nowhere written how to use/configure the eSim!

Can someone help me out on this topic?

Best, Mario

did you connect a eSIM to the module SIM slot 2?
Or there is already a eSIM component inside the WP76?

If you switch the SIM slot by AT!UIMS=1, can you read the eSIM +CCID or +CIMI?

Yeah the eSim module is integrated in the WP76 and switch between the 1st and 2nd sim slot by using the AT commands and I can use the 2nd sim, if there is a physical sim inserted!

I need to try if I can read the CCID and CIMI … I will reply if this works tomorrow when I can try it …
but in the docs of the AT commands there is written that you can read the eID, but there is nowhere documented how to write a eID

are you sure the eID can be written?