eSIM in RC76xx


Is eSim in RC76xx is designed for Ready-To-Connect service only?
Is it possible to configure any profile into Sierra eSim, through AT commands?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.


Hi saim ,

It can be used for other services in RC76xx. You can use the !UIMS command to configure it into the eSIM interface.
AT!UIMS=1 (1—UIM2. eSIM (embedded SIM)

Can you please elaborate what you meant by ‘other’ services?

Hi saim,

eSIM is designed for OTA and Connectivity Ready services on RC76XX.


To answer your initial question, the SIM on the RC76 is a Sierra Wireless SIM intended to be used with its connectivity services. As part of this operation it will switch profiles/IMSI’s but you cannot manually do this or load your own profile onto it as you see fit which is where I think you were going with this. It is an eUICC and technically you can load other profiles onto it and then be billed by that operator but in practice this is not feasible.



ah ok, that answers my question.

Thanks a lot.