Can I configure SIERRA MC7354 to use eSIM, so I can switch between different Canada carriers without changing the SIM card?

Can I configure SIERRA MC7354 to use eSIM, so I can switch between different Canada carriers without changing the SIM card?

I checked product technical specification, there is only one SIM interface…

Thanks. Do you know from for regular modems ( not IoT modems), if one can be configured to be with eSIM?

Which module are you talking about

That is my question, which Sierra modem can be configured to use eSIM? I read this article: eUICC Based eSIM Solutions for IoT in 2021 | Sierra Wireless

you can try WP76xx

Thanks. Can I switch eSIM between different carriers remotely , without touching the modem in person?

which eSIM are you talking about?
have you tried AT+COPS in manual mode?


So couple of points that might help make things a little clearer.

  • There is NO chip SIM on board the MC7354, a SIM (of whatever form factor) needs to be interface to the unit via the single (it only has one) SIM interface that comes out through the system connector.
  • The unit will be able to work with any SIM card regardless of its form factor as at the end of the day it is all the same silicon (as long as it is a 1V8 or 3V card).
  • Using the term eSIM is quite confusing as it means different things to different people so please be careful.
  • With regards your last question of switching between carriers remotely, I am assuming that you are referring to being able to switch between carrier profiles on a given SIM card between say Vodafone and Telefonica? If this is your questions then the theory says yes (and it can be done technically) but its a highly complex question around the whole eUICC technology and is not dependent on the module being used. I would also use a unit that is far newer than an 7354 which went out of manufacture 4 years ago.



Thanks for the details, Matt. Yes, you got my point. So I guess your answer is “ yes, a newer modem is configurable remotely to be switched between different carriers , but it is complex. “, my further question would be : who would be able to process the configuration, the carrier or the vendor, like Sierra? And which new model you would think of?



So in terms of hardware you just need to use something which is reasonably up to date, something like the MC/EM7411.

Re the actual functionality you want with regards changing profiles the issue is that it involves multiple very big parties i.e. AT&T, Vodafone, Gemalto, Microsoft, etc. The carriers are the most important among these but there is no universal system which allows you to do what you want without being a really big player yourself with the intention of deploying millions of devices such as Apple.