MC7455 is it possible to configure eSIM

Looking on seeing if i could possible configure eSIM or have a single sim card or change IDs . im not sure if we can.

my main goal is get a single SIM unit but be able to swap eSIM between 2-3 or even US wireless Carriers.

i sent a couple requests to AT&T / T-mobile but i havent heard back yet.


What I think you are after is the new eUICC functionality that we have on our smart SIM which allows you to swap between profiles and change between operators. Unfortunately this requires the co operation of the operators as well of which lots of them have yet to submit, it is standardised in the GSMA now but it will take some time before they accept it and implement the relevant systems for it to become widespread.

Until then your best bet is a generic roaming SIM, again like we offer.



I’m looking at using the eUICC functionality on MC7455, is it available now?



The 74xx series is old now and the hardware design was finished a few years ago (it has not changed since it was originally released) meaning that no it is not available. It is only on newer products.