eSIM Provisioning on MC7421

Hello everyone,

We are encountering difficulties with registering and provisioning an eSIM from an MNO of our choice using the MC7421 module.

Is it possible to use our own eSIM with the MC7421, or is this functionality not supported by this module? If the MC7421 does not support it, are there any Sierra Wireless modules that do allow the use of our own eSIM?

Additionally, if anyone has documentation or guidance on how to install an eSIM profile on the MC7421 or any other Sierra Wireless module, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance!

BR Mansour

do you try to solder your eSIM to the UIM1 or UIM2 interface?

This model comes with eUICC support. Where should I solder something?

If you are talking about internal esim, i think It depends on SKU you have ordered

Where can I find the SKU number?

I guess it is 1104688, but seems there is no internal eSIM inside the module

I couldn’t find any information indicating that an eSIM still needs to be soldered onto it. I had thought it was already included. Could you please recommend a LTE module with mPCIe that already has an internal eSIM built-in?

Didn’t it say eUICC management on external sim?

Did you check with digi key?

Did you check at+cpin? After switching sim slot by at!uims?

How does external SIM work on the MC7421?

Digi Key does not display which modules have an already built-in oboard eSIM.

This is the result of AT+CPIN:


Okay, I think I found some LTE modules which have onboard eSIM. Seems like the MC series does not have onboard eSIMs.

These are some modules I found, which do have onboard eSIM:

Suggest you asking the distributor before ordering