EM7421 eSim support / Windows

I have Fujitsu U7511 laptop with EM7421 installed. There is one physical sim slot. Windows 10/11 shows 2 selectable slots. Sierra docs say that there is embedded sim support for consumer/m2m applications. But Windows does not show eSim profile management button, so, it looks like eSim functionality is not supported. I tried the drivers from Fujitsu and also the ones from Sierra, I tried clean Windows 10 and also clean Windows 11. The result is the same.
So, the question is: is there eSim support for EM7421 in Windows 10/11?

I don’t think there is esim for EM7421 according to PTS

from one side Sierra says:
“eUICC:Support for eUICC SIM profile management on external SIM, adding flexibility to IoT deployments” which is clear. no eSim support expected.
but later they said: “Embedded SIM: Consumer and M2M eUICC” and also 2 sims available with only one physical slot.
The information is take from EM7421 LTE-Advanced Module | Sierra Wireless.
Also the infos for U7511 often contain the statement like ‘eSim ready’ or ‘eSim compatible’.
So, all this looks confusing.