Dual-Sim in EM919X

How is the Dual Sim feature is used in EM919X?
is there a reference schematic that shows the pinout and the selection between two different sim cards while using the M.2 Interface?
I’m also interested in EM7455, I saw that it’s pinout supports additional SIM, but I didn’t see that in EM919X, what is the reason?

Hi firas.abdelghani

Currently, the EM919x product supports MB Multi-SIM operations( internal SIM(eSIM) + external SIM) from native Windows UI

Test Steps:
Step1:Moudle connect the Windows PC
Step2.:Open the Windows network and internet settings
Step3:Open the Cellular, Choose the SIM1, check the Windows UI has changed the cellular data for SIM1
Step4:Choose the SIM2 for cellular data, Check the windows UI, it has changed the cellular data for SIM2.

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