Em7565 dual sim

Do all 7565 modules have a eUICC chip? I noticed as I was looking through listings it was rarely specifically mentioned. Since it wasn’t a deal breaker for me I just ordered the lowest cost module I could find and it was one the didn’t state anything about an embedded sim. If the situation occurs that it doesn’t have an embedded sim would be able to put the module in an M.2 to mPCIe adapter that has a sim slot on it and then plug it in to my mpcie port which also has a sim port linked to it and put a sim card in each slot to have it use both sims for dual sim functionality? Thank you so much for the help

By default, EM7565 supports dual SIM functionality.
You can try by testing one SIM card on each slot and using AT!UIMS command to switch between 2 SIM interfaces. Then try using 2 SIM cards on 2 slots.