Em7565 in desktop pcie slot

So I have read through the modules tech manual and discovered to my surprise it only connects through a usb interface not pcie. I am planning on upgrading my modem/router to a new box and it is a mini server. In the server I have a x16 and two x1 slots to use. I know the pcie slot does not normally carry usb traffic so I am wondering the best way to install them it. I have found several m.2 to x1 cards that specific they are for wwan devices, and include a sim slot, but I am wondering if it will work in this configuration. Does the pcie channel automatically carry the usb traffic for this card or will it not be discovered? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @penguinslovebananas

You need to install the driver for it.
You can get it here Windows Drivers, Linux QMI Driver.

Please refer to AirPrime EM7565 PCIe Development Kit
EM7565 - PCIe, Dual SIM,

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