EM7565 - PCIe, Dual SIM,


I’m designing my own M.2 to USB 3.0 adapter to host an EM7565 LTE modem and I have several questions.

  1. The unused PCIe related pins (TX, RX, clocks,…), should they be left float or tied to ground?

  2. The EM7565 supports dual SIM, but does the firmware supports hotswap of the SIM card (SIM connector with SIM detect pin support) while the system is running? No risk of data corruption on the SIM card?
    Has the card to be disabled over an AT command before ejecting?

  3. How does dual SIM actually works on such a modem???
    Can the second SIM card received and send SMS’s while the main/first SIM card is connected to the internet/4G network?

Thank you

  1. I need to check. Will updated
  2. The firmware supports SIM hot swap. As long as the sim detect pins are connected, SIM can be removed without corruption.
  3. The modem supports 2 SIMs. But only SIM in the active slot will be connected to the network. The active SIM slot is managed using AT!UIMS command

Thank you for your answer.

Any info about the grounding or not of the PCIe TX/RX/Clocks lanes?

Hi @Tantalum
Sorry, my bad I forgot to update you. For the PCIe unused pins, please leave them floating (not connected).