EM7565 Consumer eSIM

Hello, I have a few questions about the EM7565 module which I would like to find an answer to before I get one to start testing. Before I start listing questions I want to say that eSIMs are quite a new concept for me whilst I’ve been looking for a solution for weeks, I’m frankly not that experienced with them.

  1. The specification of the module listed on https://www.sierrawireless.com/iot-solutions/products/em7565/ states that the module supports the use of an eSIM according to the consumer model, correct?

  2. The module has global coverage, correct?

  3. The specification of the module only states a few carriers however I assume it should work just fine with most carriers out there?

  4. Is it possible to download profiles on the host with an external connection and configure the module to use that profile?

  5. Is there any way to abstract the handling of eSIM profiles using MBIM or QMI on Linux? I know Windows has an LPAd for eSIMs now but Linux as far as I know doesn’t as of yet.

I’m grateful that the modules are well documented and supported on a bunch of platforms this is the best module I’ve found so far!
Thank you very much in advance!

Hi icyli2,

1,4 &5. The eSim feature is available for some customers. You should contact Sierra Support for this info.

  1. Yes, it has.

  2. To be compatible, the operator frequency band should be in the list of supported frequency bands of the module. You can check your operator bands here:


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Thank you very much! I looked at the AT command set reference in a bit more detail and the only part which I’m confused about is how to set the SM-DP+ server and the activation code.
However some carriers I assume would be fine just registering your eID which should allow to us to skip that step.

I’ll contact the support and see if they can help me! :slight_smile: