FX30 FW to use with TMO ECC SIM/Account

I am testing FX30S, I obtained TMO ECC SIM from Sierra. I cannot find a FW version referenced as compatible with TMO. The latest release I found refernces ATT, VZN, Generic GCF, Generic PTCRB, and Sierra. What FW version shoud be used when using TMO SIM/Account? (I have the same question / issue with Mangoh Red I am testing. Please let me know if a different topic in anther category is needed for that answer.)


are you using FX30 cat-M module?

Does it work with the “Sierra” version?

Thanks for the response. Yes I am testing with the LTE-M version of the FX30S I have not updated the FW on the FX30 yet. I am more concerned about corrupting the FX30 beyond recovery, so I am using a Mangoh Red to test initially.

I initially did not have full sized TMO SIM to test FX30 with, so tested Mangoh red first. Both are using
WP7702 – LTE CAT-M1 / NB1
The Mangoh Red was using the last available Mangoh Red FW package. It seemed to have issues with NW registration. Each data session used > 6KB of data – before any data was passed or if none at all was passed – which is problematic for IoT applications.

I thought the issue might be related to excessive overhead data due to prolonged NW searching for suitable NW. I saw one case where it stuck on VZN - failed to register. Finally had to manually restart radio CFUN=1,1 to get registered to TMO Home NW again.

I noticed the Carrier image being used was SIERRA, so throught loading WP7702 TMO FW might be solution, since testing was usign T-Mobile ECC SIM.

I can try again with SIERRA FW, but for customer deployment, usign T-Mobile ECC SIM, would it not be a requirement to use TMO Carrier Certified FW?

Also, does loading WP7702 FW overwrite MRED (amd also FX30) legato/yocto as well?
What is the difference between WP7602 FW spkg and Mangoh / FX30 spkg packages?
Does it cause problems using WP7603 spkg for MRED / FX30 as opposed to using the MRED spkg and FX30 spkg?

Thanks for your help.

I suggest you make it work in mangoh red board with WP7702 and TMO spkg package and TMO SIM card.

if it works, and your next step is to switch to FX30, probably you need to contact distributor to have a new TMO package release as I don’t see there is a TMO package for FX30:


(you can also give a try on the TMO “modem” package from WP77 as an unofficial way of deployment)