Sierra Wireless FX30s - AT Ports not showing

Previously using an FX30S. AT ports were available. Device died and It was replaced.

Plugged in new device and it only shows NMEA and DM ports. Can anyone please explain how to get all of the correct ports up and running again. Driver has not been updated as it was working on the old device.

can you ssh to it via USB ECM interface?
what do you see now in device manager?

Thanks for the reply Jyijyi, I haven’t tried to SSH to it yet.

Devices are showing as below

do you see any modem port and USB ECM port in device manager?

Hi Jyijyi,


Yes, i can see those listed. Which one should i SSH into and also what are the commands to check ?
Sorry, i am a beginner at these sort of things, so i appreciate your help

Modem port is the AT command port, you can first try whether you can send AT command via modem port

For SSH via putty or tera term, you can see here:

Thanks JyiJyi,

I can see the interface in IPConfig and able to ping it



Though when i try to SSH into the Modem port (COM4) it is not responding. OR am i able to ssh into the IP address. Connection refused. Any ideas?

can you ping
you need to ssh to which is the IP of module’s USB ECM interface

Hi JyiJyi,

I can ping and also SSH into it.

What are the login credentials as I don’t have these listed. Also what commands do i need to run ?

i used “root” as username, no password is needed by default

I’m in. What are the next steps.

do you have the modem port in device manager for AT command communication?

what do you want now?
AT command inside the linux console?
If yes, you can try “microcom /dev/ttyAT”

I am trying to use the device in a program to send out SMS/Text messaging. The program is not liking the ports available but i will continue to do some testing.

Thank you

do you have the modem port in device manager for AT command communication?

you can try “microcom /dev/ttyAT” for AT command communication inside the linux console

Thanks JyiJyi,

I’ll try it out and reach out if i have any further questions.

Appreciate your help so far.

Hi JyiJyi,

I’m trying to see if i can activate the additional ports listed. Previously, when we used an older device, it used to show the AT port under “Ports”


Any idea on how to activate this, if possible ?

do you have the modem port in device manager for AT command communication?

you can enter “microcom /dev/ttyAT” in console, and check if those ports are enabled:


to quit the program, you can enter CTRL+x

I’ve ssh’d into the device using the AT port on COM4 (modem port) and entered the command.
Nothing happens though, am i doing something wrong?


if you are using COM4 which is modem port, you don’t need to SSH

Does it respond to “AT” communication such as ATI3?

Ok, so i don’t need to SSH ? I’m using a Windows computer to review this.

How do i check to see if it’ll respond to the AT commands ?

Sorry for the novice questions.