How to use FX30

Hi All

I have interesting on FX30, but I have a question on the platform.

  1. Does it have AT command port?
    The hardware spec have UART, but UART seems WP module not AT command port.

  2. What does the usb config?
    As far as I know , the WP module can config usb combination
    But I don’t know FX30 can be config or not.
    Or what is default setting?


These are questions that need to be addressed with an apps note which should be coming soon.

I am assuming you are plugging the FX30 into a Linux system.

First step you need to install the drivers which happen to be the Sierra Wireles QMI dirver which are located here,-d-,26n2,-d-,39/

Once the drivers are installed plug the USB into the host system. You should see (at the very least) two additional eth interfaces (through ifconfig, I get eth1 and 6 on my system) and four /dev/ttyUSB interfaces (through ls /dev, typically /dev/ttyUSB0 through 3).

/dev/ttyUSB2 is the AT command port on the unit so just use minicom to connect to it.

To get to the Legato kernel you need to SSH into the unit through the USB port with the below command

ssh root@

There might be a certificate issue between the host and the FX30 which is discussed in section 5.1.2 of the document at the link below. While the FX30 is not the same as the mangOH board it is pretty close for the documentation to help you get up and running.



Instructions seem clear in section6 of magOH Green Fundamentals doc for using ssh to connect to the FX30 to then connect or say ping, However:
Is there any information about how to configure the FX30 so that on the host (Linux say) that one can connect (either via USB or ethernet) to the web (ie. I suppose a ‘tether type’ connection)

There are several ways to do it depending on the architecture you have. I have attached a document discussing how to set it up using AT commands over the USB.


SWI Technical Note - Migration from DirectIP to RMNet on MC73xx Rev002.docx (347 KB)

Is the application note you were mentioning is out yet? if yes can you share a link!