Compiler for GL series

I have a GL6100 and are a complete newbee when it comes to the Sierra Developer Studio.

I am attempting to open and compile a demo application for it (hello world). When I get to the “Hardware comfiguration” and select “Auto detection”, it can see that I have a GL series module connected, but it does not let me select it, the checkbox doesnt work. In the User selection it is not any relevant choices, and the “Compannion Chips” section only lists SirfstarIV and GPSone.

Can someone please provide me with some helpful suggestions?

Eventually I figured out where this was asked before (not a question if, simply how to find it).

Looks like I have to get Dev.Studio 2.2.1.

DS 2.3.2 is actually supporting GL modules.
You need to install one of the 2.3X Open AT Application Framework packages, and from there you’ll be able to create and build projects targeting GL modules.

Thanks a lot. Eventually I managed to check and uncheck the correct boxes to find the framework etc that I needed. Now the demo Hello world application runs, so I’ll hopefully manage from here.