GL6110 Hardware Configuration - Module not available

i’m a software developer but i’m completely new to programmable modems and embedded software development. i purchased an AirLink GL6110 device and could successfully send AT commands via putty. but when it comes to the Developer Studio and creating a first test application i’m stuck. i read through the user guides and browsed this forum but i could use some help getting started. my problem is that i cannot select my module type in Developer Studio when i create a new Open AT project. the “User selection” tab shows “Fastrack Xtend”, “Q268X” and “SL608X” but nothing that seems suitable for my device. i alreay read that WMP100 would be appropriate. Auto detection does not work as i have no select options or buttons to klick there.
i have Dev Studio 2.3.2 and the USB Driver installed. what am i missing?
thx in advance for any help,

update: for some reason i now see a line in the “auto detection” tab, but now the problem is, that the checkbox next to “GL Series” is not clickable. :frowning:

Moved to development tools as your question is related to the Developer Studio.


In order to be able to create a project compatible with your GL6110 product, you need to install an Open AT Application Framework version compatible with it.
The last version compatible with GL products is currently the 2.37.6 release; you can install it (with all the children packages) from the Package Manager perspective.
Once it will be installed, you’ll be able to select the GL products in the project creation wizard.