GL6100 and OpenAT application framework

This is my first contact with GL6100 and here are basic questions about programming the unit:

a) Is OpenAT Application Framework the same as the Developer Studio ? I´ve downloaded the source from … r_v2.4.exe

Am I using the right program and the updated version ?

b) When installing the tool, on the 2nd step I need to choose “Select you hardware module from the list”. The list does not contain the GL models, just the FX100 that I´ve choose. Is that the correct answer or am I missing something ?


The GL6100 does not officially support Open AT hence the unit is not in the list, despite this the firmware is exactly the same as other units that do support it so practically it does.

With regards the choice of unit then yes the FXT009 is about as close as you can get to the the GL. After this you just need to make sure you are using the right Developer studio, basically the last version that suported this was 3.6, if you have 4.0 it is too new, re the framework, it depends on the firmware in the unit, the last was R7.47, this equates to 2.37 on the repository which you can access through the packages manager in developer studio.



Hi there,

I’m trying to build my own application for Sierra GL6100 using Open AT Framework.

I downloaded the Developer Studio 3 light installer from

When I try to install, the software ask me to select my hardware module, but into the list the GL6100 doesn’t appear.

Which other module had the same Firmware of sierra GL6100?

This is the item list:

  • Fastrack Xtend
  • Q268X
  • Q2698
  • FX100
  • SL608X

Thanks for the help!

You can either go for SL608x or Q268x.