GL target missing in Eclipse


Hi all

I’m a newbie in Open AT programming. I have GL6100 modem and I installed framework to Eclipse (downloaded from SierraWireless dev. zone). However I cannot download the application to modem becuase the doesn’t offer “GL series target” option.

Do you know what should I do?

I have following in “project properties”->“Open AT application”:
Open AT Framework package (2.51.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Open AT OS package (6.51.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Firmware package (7.51.xxxxxxxxxxxxx)

In “project properties”->“Open AT application”->“Build settings” I have:
[Target]_ARM_EABI_GCC_Debug [Active]

Thanks for any advice


The GL6100 has a WMP100 inside…


Indeed GL61xx is based on WMP100, but to run properly the 2.5x branch, you need a 64/16 memory, while the GL61xx has only a 32/16 curently.
On the GL at the moment, you need to rely on 2.3x branch, latest one is: 2.37.4.