GL6100 Development

Hi All,
I have installed developer studio 2.3.2 for GL6100 development. But there is no option to choose GL6100 as the target hardware while creating an OpenAT project. There is an option to auto detect the module(target hardware) which is detecting Gl61xx series. But with this option i am not able to complete the project creation(“next” and “finish” buttons are disabled. )
According to the release notes 2.3.2 supports GL6100( … 2_3_2.aspx).
So am i missing some thing here. Please let me know.


As noted here, the GL61x0 are based on the WMP100

The last version of Developer Studio which mentioned WMP100 seems to be 2.2.1.

Again, this seems like a major oversight on SiWi’s part: although the WMP100 may be NRND, the GL61x0 are still current products!


Thanks awneil. I will get in touch with my distributor and see if they can provide Developer studio 2.2.1