APN not being set properly

Several of our RV50x are being plagued with issues not having an APN set. The APN is not being assigned automatically and we are unable to set it manually. We receive the following messages in the system log.
Feb 6 08:19:45 notice ALEOS_CELL_RadioTask: APN read from Radio Module: ‘’
Feb 6 08:19:45 notice ALEOS_CELL_RadioTask: OMA DM is supported, no Auto APN lookup of APN is possible
Feb 6 08:19:45 notice ALEOS_CELL_RadioTask: APN Selection: Primary APN: ‘mw01.VZWSTATIC’ (User Entered)
Feb 6 08:19:45 alert ALEOS_CELL_RadioTask: Unable to set APN name ‘mw01.VZWSTATIC’ in the radio Return Code [1081] - Using existing APN name

Any idea what is causing this behavior?

Hi @dave.drapac
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In order to troubleshoot the issue, please share with me some information as below:

  1. What radio firmware and firmware version is your Airlink RV50X running? If not latest, please refer to the following link to get the latest firmware and radio firmware then recheck whether the issue is resolved

  2. Has this issue happened before? Or is this the first time?

  3. How did you set up the APN for your AirLink RV50X? via Web GUI or AT command? Please share with me the screenshot.

  4. I see that your APN is not normal, please make sure it is supported. If you are using normal Verizon SIM, please try “VZWINTERNET” APN then recheck whether the issue is resolved

  5. If you have done the above items but the issue still happens. Please try another SIM card. Do the issue still happens in this case?


Hi, thanks for the quick reply,

  1. Here’s the firmware info on one of the problem devices:

Hi there, it looks like my original reply got cut off when I replied by email a couple of days ago. Here’s that reply again, submitted through your website.

  1. Here’s the firmware info on one of the problem devices:
    ALEOS Software Version: 4.15.3
    ALEOS Build number: 003
    Device Model: RV50X
    Radio Module Type: MC7455
    Radio Module Identifier: VERIZON
    Radio Firmware Version: SWI9X30C_02.33.03.00 r8209 CARMD-EV-FRMWR2 2019/08/28 20:59:30

  2. This is the first time this has happened, however, out of a batch of six modems which were all operating normally for about a month, three of them are now exhibiting the behavior with the APN not being assigned. This started after a period of intermittent power outages. When we restored reliable power the devices appeared to be working normally (all lights were green) but they no longer had an APN or static IP address.

  3. The APN was not assigned by us. Once the devices were provisioned on Verizon’s network the APN (along with a static IP address) was automatically assigned. In troubleshooting See below for the screenshot of the APN being blank.

  4. mw01.VZWSTATIC is the standard APN for any of our Verizon devices that have a static IP address. The APN VZWINTERNET is for devices with dynamic IPs.

    1. I swapped SIMs between a working modem and a non-working modem. The working modem works regardless of which SIM. The non-working modem doesn’t work, regardless of which SIM.

Hi @dave.drapac
After reviewing your answers, I have some more requests as below:

  1. Please upgrade to latest firmware and radio firmware for your RV50X following the link below:

  2. Please remove the APN “mw01.VZWSTATIC” in the APN Override tab in the screenshot you attached then click Apply-> Reboot. Do the issue still happens in this case?

  3. If the issue still happens, please share with me screenshot of the Cellular tab by access to ACEmanager->Status->Cellular.