RV50X Stopped working on Verizon

We had 17 active modems and found that 13 of them have stopped working with Verizon. Each modem has a static IPv4 address. I can connect to the web interface through Ethernet but it seems like the devices are unable to reach a verizon tower. I took 6 of the devices that were not working, removed the SIM cards and placed them in new routers and those worked fine. I didn’t get the versions of software and radios on these before we shipped them to the customer site.

For the ones that are not working, I updated the software from 4.15 to 4.16 and then to 4.17.1 and the radio firmware version says RMNode.

Strange that these were all working a few weeks ago and then something happened to stop them from connecting.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @tony.bowman,

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Could you please take a look at the below question/concern and share your answers?

  1. What Radio Module firmware is currently running on the problematic RV50X devices?
  2. Has the APN been configured manually or assigned automatically?
  3. Do the problematic devices with the same configuration as the functioning ones?
  4. Please provide log files and template files from the problematic RV50X devices with me.


  1. Firmware is the latest 4.17.1
  2. We have always let it auto assign the APN and never had any issues.
  3. Same config on working and non-working devices
  4. Our engineering department has picked up all the non-working devices. I will see if I can get one back and get the logs.

I also asked them to bring me a brand new router and I was able to put the SIM Card in the new router and it works fine. Auto Assigns the APN and we can connect via static IP on cellular. Possibly a batch of defective routers? I have never seen one go bad before. We will continue to work with our vendor to see about replacements.

Hi @tony.bowman,

When you get back a RV50X unit, please share the log file and template file with me.