RV50's and Setting up for Verizon

We are trying to use these with Verizon and have had VZ techs come out with little success. 2 out of 3 function with VZ. When they are new in the box and you put the freshly activated sim in and boot up it works great. Gets IP, and all other info with no problem. But, when you reboot after you change serial port settings nothing. The infamous “Data connection failed. Waiting to retry”. I have tried to set these up with the VZ sim as primary and only sim, as secondary with a working ATT sim, and with manually entering in User Entered APN with only 2 of the 3 connecting but only as secondary.

Anyone else having this issue or am I just overlooking a small setting that needs to be flipped on or off?


Hi Tedd,

Please contact your reseller for further assistance. If you do not know who your reseller is, or they could not provide you the proper support you’re looking for, please create a ticket with us here:




We having the same problem, with setting up for Verizon and modifying the Serial port settings…Data connection failed. Out of the box new. Any updates on what solved your problem?

Thank you.