RV50 wont connect with Verizon SIMs

Using a Sierra RV50 with a WIN-911 system to send text messages when an alarm occurs.

Problem is that no matter what Verizon SIM card I put in the RV50 (I have tried 3 different SIMS) it shows cellular state of 'not connected, and will not acquire an IP address. I have confirm that I have a good signal and even set it up in an area that had very good SINR of 20.

When I put an ATnT SIM card in the RV50 (I have tried 3 of these), it connects fine and everything works as I would expect.

Problem is customer want to use Verizon service here because it provides the best signal in the remote area where this system is located. So need to know why and any suggestions would be helpful.

Hi @david_wotipka
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  1. Please install the latest firmware and Verizon radio firmware for your RV50 at the link below:

  2. Then set APN to “VZWINTERNET” by access ACEmanager->WAN/Cellular->Cellular-> SIM Slot Configuration-> fill APN in tab “Override APN”-> Apply-> Reboot.
    Do the issue still happens in this case?

  3. If the issue still happens, Please go to ACEmanager->Status then share with me screenshot of Cellular tab and About tab.


That did it. The vzwinternet was in lower case:( Needs to be upper case.
All working now.