ES440 Setup as modem for Verizon

Hello sierra world

I live out in the sticks and thought I’d try to use a ES440 as a modem plugged into my router to access the internet with verizon’s “unlimited” plan. I’m no network expert but not a total noob. However my complete lack of understanding of the cellular world has stopped me in my tracks. Setting up this modem has completely baffled me.

I have the sim installed, I upgraded both the modem and antenna firmware. I can access the modem thru the ethernet port ( On the modem I have a red blinking signal light and an amber blinking network light both seem to indicate that I’m not getting service.

Can someone either step me thru the interface with the basic settings to get this up and running? or point me to a template that would be relevant to my fairly domestic application?

Thank You

I’ve been messing with it a bit. Reseated the antennas and reset the modem with the reset button. Now I have a Green signal light and that has to be a good sign. The Network is still flashing amber. and now my network state says No Sim or Unexpected Sim status.

then I entered the APN “vzwinternet” and changed the sim to “1111” now I am back to signal flashing red and network flashing amber. network state says “network link down”

Any help would be appreciated.

I’ll send you beer