GX440 Help

I have 3 GX440s verizon, actually I have about 20, but three of them are having similar problems.

The power light goes green and stays on, but nothing else. I can log in and have attempted firm ware upgrades, but cannot seem to get past

I have swapped sim cards x 2 with no change. I’ve done resets and reboots. There is no radio activity on either wifi or wwan.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Scott Stoller
(864) 209-1101

Did you change any settings which results this behavior?
Which SDK version are you using?
Are you able to ping the modem?


No changes, setup like all the others that work.


Ping= no, seems like all radio functions DOA, like putting a phone in airplane mode.

What firmware version are you loading? If you are trying to load 4.3.6 this could be your issue… you will need to update to 4.3.4 then to 4.3.6…