EM7565 connect & deregistered

HI , I am using a EM7565 in a WE1326 router running golden orb firmware. My modem will connect up to the provider Verizon it shows connected then shortly after it gets de registered on the network. Does anybody know what would cause this? I am a total nubee on all of this. Any help is appreciated.

@lbnaz Can you help to capture firmware (DM) logs?


Thanks for the Reply, I pretty sure I figured this out. I think it is all on Verizons side of it. I have switched carriers to ATT and have had no problem connecting up and getting internet. This tells me the modem is working fine.
So, I think Verison does not like the Modem on my tablet plan. I might ply some more with Verizon to figure out why they are kicking me off. I dont know how to capture firmware bugs if that is an issue. I am new to all this so dont at present have the necessary knowledge.

Talked to Verizon, They told me they no longer support this modem on their network & I cannot get it on their network. Anybody have similar experience or has anyone sucessfully gotten their modem on their network?
Seem to me if Sierra says it is compatable they must have been in contact with Verizon to get it that way.
Any Thoughts?

I just bought this setup and I have Verizon grandfather plan this should work for me right

@lbnaz Don’t know what Verizon means that they no longer support this modem on their network. EM7565 got Verizon approval so nothing should prevent it from working on its network.

You mentioned that it worked when you inserted an AT&T SIM so I’d think that the module was connected to your router. I’d assume the EM7565 was using AT&T or generic firmware and that’s why you couldn’t connect it Verizon network. You may want to configure the module on Windows first to load Verizon firmware and then try it on your router later on.

@Darrick602 As I replied to @lbnaz, EM7565 should work on Verizon network without a problem as long as you have the correct firmware configuration.

I am running the generic firmware it is supposed to work on Verizon. Verizon has told me they no longer support the EM7565 on their network. I used the modem IMED they plugged that in and their system will not accept it. According to LTE fix the generic is supposed to work. As a last resort I could try the specific firmware but this will not correct the fact that verizon will flat out refuse to add this modem to my plan using its IMED number. I would have to try another devices IMED number and use the sim from that. This is what I did with the tablet. took tablet sim out put in router. Modem did connect up to verizon and then Verizon kick me off (de register sim by putting a service block on)

Hi Larry, I think what Verizon really meant is the rate plan you had with the tablet may not be applicable to the EM7565 module since the MEID range doesn’t match. Usually Verizon will use MEID or IMEI range to limit the use of special rate plan SIM from being used on different devices with different purpose.

From module perspective, we still have customers using the same EM7565 on Verizon network so as long as you have a valid rate plan SIM activated with the module, it won’t be a problem to use it on Verizon network.

That was the first time I tried. The 2nd time I tried I wanted to put the EM7565 on my account as a USB modem. I told them I was going to plug this in to a PC. So at this point I wanted to add it to my account as another line being whatever they deemed necessary, modem, hotspot I didnt care I just wanted on their network. They put in the IMED and told me it was not supported.
I am open to what plan this would work, they did not offer any suggestions only that the modem is no longer supported. I agree it should work and I believe people are doing it somehow. I have heard from 1 person that used their tablet sim to get it on. This did not work for me. Verizon stated that since 5G started rolling out they have stopped supporting a lot of devices that they used to. I think if you got it on before they did this then you were ok. Now? I dont know… I still think there is a way but, I do not know it. I was thinking of either getting a hotspot or modem that they support and use that imed number to get a sim registered on their network. It would be nice to hear from someoone on how they were able to get this modem on verizon network.

Do you know which firmware was running on EM7565 and what are the APN profiles showed with AT+CGDCONT? command? The reason I was asking you to try loading Verizon firmware on a Windows machine is with generic firmware, the module will not be able to pair your SIM with the module via SIM OTA thus push the appropriate APN update to the module. You can try write the APN profile manually with AT+CGDCONT if you know which APN profile your tablet used to use.

Modem firmware ImageID 002.012_000, BuildID
1: “IPV4V6”, “VZWINTERNET”, “”, 0,0,0,0

The problem with generic firmware is there will be no IMS APN profile thus SIM OTA will not be triggered. You might be able to connect to the data profile in the case if your SIM was not tied to special device with a special rate plan.

ok, at some point in time I can try the Verizon firmware to see if it will work. Presently on ATT with the generic software. if I have to use the verizon specific firmware for it to work it is not as attractive as it is harder for me to switch carriers if needed. This is being used in a motor home so based on where we are located at the time some carriers will have better coverage then others.