ES450 Provisioning for Verizon

I have an ES450 (Verizon) gateway which I’ve been attempting to get set-up on and off, since 2016. I am familiar with provisioning on the ATT model, but Verizon is leaving me totally mystified. I have received three PIN numbers from Verizon, one when I first was given the hardware and now since I’ve been delving deeper into the setup, two more. The Sierra Wireless documentation doesn’t appear to cover the Verizon process well. I was forced to replace the original Verizon SIM card after three failed attempts to activate the system. The “new” SIM card, came, after much prodding to Verizon, with PIN 1 a PIN2, though no documentation was provided as to what to do with them.

What I’ve done so far:
Install the “new” SIM card in the ES450
Activate the “new” SIM card with Verizon using their website.
Log into the ES450 using the web interface
At this point there is a telephone number associated with the hardware, but no network connection is made
Tab over to the WAN/cellular page and press the SIM PIN button.

At this point its unclear as to what needs to be done. I don’t know which radio button to select (Don’t Change, Enable, Disable). Also, I have no idea as to which PIN (1 or 2) to use. I’ve attempted multiple iterations, each time requiring a reboot, with no success.

Does anybody have a definitive process for getting started? Am I talking to the wrong people at Verizon or not finding the correct Sierra Wireless documentation? The ATT setup is really straight forward.

I was finally able to track down the solution. As it turns out Verizon has different User Entered APN’s throughout the US. When I was given the hardware, an identifier of ne01.vwzstatic was already in place. This is for networks in the North Easter United States and as I understand it, depending on where you want to connect, the appropriate APN will necessarily need to be used. The chart I have is as follows:

ne01.vzwstatic North Eastern United States
nw01.vzwstatic North Western United States
so01.vzwstatic Southern United States
mw01.vzwstatic Midwestern United States
we01.vzwstatic Western United States

It would certainly be nice to see this in a map form as where the demarcation points are would helpful.
I never was prompted for the SIM Pin.

Hello aendress, were you able to set the APN to go through verizon testing or did they ask you to rely on the module to retrieve the details correctly?