APN not being set properly

@nystrom I am experiencing this same problem. Have you found a resolution?

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For the sake of tracking and narrowing down the issue, please kindly create a new topic and provide a more detailed description of the problem you are encountering.


@Mdobinick - We think we just found a fix - we booted using a SIM from a different carrier to get the router to switch radio firmware. Then when we booted it again with the original SIM/carrier, it switched radio firmware again and was able to connect to the correct APN.

@nystrom This sounds promising, thanks for following up. Did you notice any pattern of use that caused your modems to go into the fault state of not having the APN set properly?

@rgatan3 and @Mdobinick , were either of you able to get your modems working again?

@dave.drapac no I have not been able to get my modems working again. Interestingly enough when I talked to Sierra Wireless support over the phone for another issue, I brought this APN issue up and she said this only seemed to affect verizon carriers. There was no answer to how to fix this but I’ll be interested to see if putting a different carrier SIM in will help.

@nystrom Does the other carrier SIM need to be an active card or will any SIM from another carrier work?

@dave.drapac the only lead that we have is that most of these are in areas with not great cell service, we’re wondering if they didn’t get all the way booted before they got shut down, and so somehow got stuck in a weird spot for the radio firmware? But it’s not super clear. We have had a couple clusters of locations where several modems in an area were affected (some more than once) but other areas have been totally fine.

@rgatan3 We haven’t tried an inactive SIM yet but think (hope?) that that should work as well.