MV55 Public Static IP Not Working

I have tested two different carriers (FirstNet and Verizon) on three different MV55 routers, in addition to one MP70 without success in getting a public static IP to work. Each router received the correct APN according to the Verizon/FirstNet reps, but they will not connect to the network.

All devices have updated firmware, and I am unable to find any settings besides the APN related to setting a public static IP. This is happening on every device I have tested, so I feel it must be related to the Sierra settings. Has anyone experienced this and found a fix?

Hi @benedettim,

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  1. Are you referring to the RV55 router? What Aleos version and Radio module firmware are your RV55 and MP70 running?
  2. Please make sure you have connected antennas to those routers. Two antennas are required when connecting to an LTE network.
  3. What APN have you set up for each router?
  4. Could you please share the log files and Template files with me.
  5. Additionally, there is a topic related to the APN on Verizon SIM cards, please refer to: GX440 and change to Verizon static/public IP