Yes, stupid question likely: Firmware install MC7455 Window

I want to install current firmware onto an MC7455 using Windows 10. MC7455 is in MBIM mode.

I have a clean Windows 10 computer, as in, no software/drivers installed from SW. Have a PCIe to USB converter, and when plugged in, Windows shows a Network Adapter: SW MC7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A

Also shows three “Other Devices” with issues, likely the COM ports not being recognized properly.

I downloaded the firmware updated from here: … -packages/

Do I need to install other drivers before running this, or should it work with no drivers installed?

I suspect I need to install this: … uild-4442/

Skylight Connection Manager…?

What is the minimum needed to install onto Windows in order to perform firmware updates as I prefer not to install a full connection manager if not needed. I have no interest in using the MC7455 under windows, simply want to update the firmware.

Thanks as always!


I have same module (MC7455) installed on DELL E7240 running Windows 10 pro 64bit. I 've installed latest sierra qmi windows drivers and look like working fine. About skylighi is as a connection tools (optional) because you could access internet without this tools. Could you show more precises about all related devices for that MC7455 module (modem, network, serisl ports, USB). About firmware update, as long as all related devices are shown (working fine), you could update that module with latest related firmware.

Thank you.

To confim: … uild-4581/


And if MC7455 is running in MBIM, will those work?


Yes that the latest sierra qmi drivers for that module. About MBIM actually no issues for MC7455 on Windows 10. Could you specify which hardware have you used ?. If that module can be accessed via AT, you could change that modules either QMI or MBIM by configure “AT!USBCOMP” either “1,1,50D” or “1,1,100D” andended wit “AT!RESET” …

Thank you again.

So in order to do the firmware update on Windows, does the MC7455 need to be in QMI mode?

Or can the MC7455 be in MBIM mode while performing firmware update?

I have no issue changing the mode, just want to confirm if I have to.


Nope as long as all related devices are working fine. About that “AT!USBCOMP” is to mention that device can be configured for QMI or MBIM.