Help flashing EM7455 Win10

Hello All,

I’m trying to flash my EM7455 module with an AirPrime M.2 Devkit (USB 3.0)
I downloaded the following drivers & firmware:
-Sierra fw

Under device manager:

When I try to launch the fw executable, I get the following error:

Am I missing a step?

Thanks in advance.


Have a good day. I’ve done the same (same generic latest firmware) as you have for MC7455 on Win 10 without an errors. We’ve to make sure, modem, network, ports and USB related devices for EM/MC7455 are shown inside Windows Device Manager. Actually “qdloader port” were established (for while) within firmware update processes and remove again from system when finished. Could you try again.


I tried uninstalling and re-installing the drivers multiple times. No luck whatsoever…is there some “trick” to get the qdloader port to show up?


QDLoader Port is created within that process (firmware update via fdt.exe). QDLoader Port is “Boot and Hold Mode” where firmware download and flashing is done. Please beware whist your module already at QDLoader Port (inside Windows Device Manager) then believe couldn’t use Sierra current Firmware Flashing Tools (fdt.exe) and recently firmware update can be done via linux using Sierra SDK or third party tools (qmi-firmware-update). Could you please checking which current “ATI!PRIID” on your EM7455 module and believe already latest .