EM7455 Firmware Update


I am trying to update my EM7455 to the latest GENERIC firmware (SWI9X30C_02.20.03.00) using the Windows EXE download method. Upon launching the downloaded EXE, it launches, with the following output:

After about a minute, the following then appears:

The “About Skylight” function reports the following firmware release:

The latest driver build, 4581, is installed.

How do I get the latest firmware to install?


Based on that errors seems windows system couldn’t creates “QDLoader Port” inside Windows Device Manager. Which Windows release have you installed ? Regarding latest Sierra Wireless “Generic” Firmware releases can be download from “Sierra Source” website.

It looks like you are into something. There is no “QDLoader Port” in Device Manager. There are instead 3 devices that are missing drivers. I am using Windows 10.

I have already downloaded the latest firmware from the “Sierra Source” website. The issue occurs after running the downloaded executible. Please see the error messages in my original post.


Which means all related drivers were not fully installed. You could try uninstall that latest driver and remove “physically” “Sierra Wireless Inc” from "Program Files (x86) and re-scan all new devices either it’s shown about “Sierra Wireless Snapdragon”. Based on that current firmware is quiet old and try install driver “Build4464” instead and make sure (at least 4 devices) for related modules are configured correctly (Modem, Network, DM, NMEA). If installed “Build4581” then another related device “Sierra Wireless Snapdragon” are shown inside USB Controllers.


Thank you for the quick response. I followed your instructions, removing the driver, deleting the folder, and installing driver version 4464. Unfortunately, I have the same result. I have the following in device manager:
Network Adapters: DW5811e Snapdragon X7 LTE (no issues listed, and I can connect to LTE)
Other Devices: DW5811e Snapdragon X7 LTE (listed 3 times) with a code 28, “no drivers are installed”.

I think this is the root of my issue. For some reason, the Sierra Wireless driver package isn’t installing the necessary drivers. I’m thinking maybe I could manually install them if I knew which PID went with each driver.

Any other suggestions?

Again, thanks in advance for your help!


This module is for DELL notebook then you should install related driver from DELL and cannot be used generic driver from sierra wireless source. Yes, based on som information from internet you can chang that module to be used with generic drivers but with so many steps and depends on luck.


You can follow all steps (whichever valid) as mentioned inside topic “REBRAND EM7455 LENOVO TO DELL” ( insidr this forum) and believe you got some idea.

Great news! I was able to to “rebrand” the card and install the standard drivers. I was also able to flash the latest generic firmware using the Windows EXE method. Using Skylight, I confirmed that Generic SWI9X30C_02.20.03.00 firmware was in fact installed.

Thank you so much for the help provided so far! However, according to the firmware download page, PRI 002.017_000 was supposed to have been installed automatically with the firmware update. I’m still showing a much older PRI within Skylight. Any hints to getting the latest PRI to take?


I’ve EM7455 and installed on DELL Latitude E7420 running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit where information for PRI as attached. I’m not sure about yours. Could you provide all below via ‘AT’ commands:

APP : 9071
BOOT: 9070




I also ran at!impref?
preferred fw version:
preferred carrier name: GENERIC
preferred config name: GENERIC_002.017_000
current fw version:
current carrier name: SPRINT
current config name: SPRINT_000.003_000

carrier name mismatch
config name mismatch

It looks like it keeps switching to “SPRINT” from “GENERIC”. I have a T-mobile SIM card inserted, so there is no reason current carrier should be sprint…


Have a good day. I’m sorry actually “AT!PRIID” instead and I’m from Malaysia where result as below:
PRI Part Number: 9904802
Revision: 001.001
Customer: Generic-Laptop

Carrier PRI: 9999999_9904609_SWI9X30C_02.20.03.00_00_GENERIC_002.017_000

I believe you’re from germany. You can check your current LTE via “AT!GSTATUS”. I think you could try set all related “AT” commands as mentioned inside “Rebrand EM7455 lenovo to DELL” from this forum.