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Dear sir,

I am using “Wavecom within” modem for my GSM based project. I have certain queries, kindly resolve them and give me reply on my email id.: palak.patel@advancedsystek.com.
Query 1:
I am using “Wavecom within” modem for my GSM based project. In this when I am trying to send message from one modem to another, I can only send 160 charters within a message. So if there is some method by which it is possible to increase number of charters to be tranmitted in one message then please provide me suggestion.

Is it possible to sent text data through voice link? If so then please provide me proper guide line. Right now I am using AT commands of short message for sending text data form one modem to another modem.

When I am using ATD command I get “NO CARRIER” in the reply. The command I am giving is ATD 10digit number.
How can I establish the connection?


About Query 3, I don’t know which modem is

Posible problems:
[]But check you have correctly closed the SIM holder.
]Check you are trying to make the correct call type according to your SIM type (data/voice). Check the same in receptor.
[*]If you want to make a data call to the number 1234567890, you must type “ATD1234567890”.

About the other Queries, TCP connection over GPRS is a good chance for you.

There is no such thing!

“Wismo within” is just Wavecom’s little joke - based on the “Intel Inside” sticker on PCs…

Your modem has a make and model number - that is the important information.

Correct - that is the inherent limitation of the GSM Short Message Service (SMS).

There are various standards - google on “concatenated SMS”.

You can, of course, devise your own proprietary scheme…


GSM provides distinct voice & data channels.

The 2 alternatives are:

  1. GSM Circuit-Switched Data (CSD) Call - which is basically the same as making a PSTYN modem-to-modem call;
  2. GPRS - which is an IP packet-based link

Do you have coverage when you attempt the call?
Are you sure that the “10digit number” is a valid data number?
Are you sure that your SIM supports data calls?

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your immediate reply.

I am using two different types of wavecom modem.These two modems are: 1) M1206B and 2) M1203A-ON.

In previous mail as I told that when I am using ATD command for I get error of “NO CARRIER”.
Through both the SIM cards which I am using with these two above mentioned modems, I am already able to dial number when SIM cards used in mobile phone.So it is porved that my SIM card supports data calls.
But when I am trying to dial same number through these two SIM cards when used with the modems, I get “NO CARRIER” error.

In previous mail you have mentioned two different methods for sending text data from one modem to another modem. If possible please provide me the proper guideline for these two methods. I am not avare about these two methods.


No - it proves that the SIM cards support Voice calls - it does not prove that they support Data calls.

If you dialled the number through your phone then, presumably, it was a Voice number?
Therefore, obviously, it would not give a Data Carrier - would it?

It’s exactly the same as if you dialled a voice line from an “ordinary” PSTN modem - if there’s no modem on the called line to give a Data connection, the modem call will fail with NO CARRIER.