wip_FTPCreateOpts is broken


wip_FTPCreateOpts always returns NULL.

I know someone who had the same problem with the 2686 and when he moved to 2687 it worked.

Im using the fastrach FSU2. Should be a Q2687 in there but it still doesnt work.

I was told that regardless of the multitude of upgrade combinations it just works on the 2687 and doesnt on the 2686 we have bought.

Problem is I have a 2687 and it doesnt work so Im pretty lost for option.



You most likely don’t have bought the (paying) “full IP” option, which enables FTP, HTTP, SMTP and POP3. Contact your distributor about this.


Check this with AT+WCFM=5 - see the AT Commands manual for details…

Also, if you use TMT, look for an (undocumented) ERRLOG entry in the Trace…

It really would be a lot more helpful if Wavecom provided proper API return codes to identify this type of problem! :angry: :angry:

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