Wip still partially working


With the WIPSOFT V2.01 command user guide released on january 2007, wavecom offer an implementation of PING, TCP, UDP and FTP services.

In ALL cases is possible to point to a remote DNS address name, but it doesn’t work.
It works only if you insert a alphanumeric IP address. :frowning:

Only the FTP file transfer session work also with a remote DNS address name.

ALL these features are an extra cost on the module base price. :angry: :confused:

When the full features declared in the official user guide will be available? :question: :question:




Have you check if there is a new release of your WipSoft ?


All the wipsoft version i have (beta or not) doesn’t work. :confused:

It is official from Wavecom, these functionalities actually are not working even if they are explained in a 6 month old document. :confused: