Wip 2.02 released - and it works!


I had many sleepless nights trying to get WIP2.01 to work with my application.
After raising the issue with my distributor, they quickly sent me the new version of WIP AT version 2.02. Now everything works very well and I can sleep again!!

There is light at the end of the tunnel :smiley:


Hi bro,

Could you share with us what improvement you had found with this version ? Thanks

I take my comments back!

I now have the problem that a small packet of say 45 bytes is split into 2 packets and sent over GPRS. This is a waste of data and also a nightmare for the server that needs to handle 1000’s of units.

As a result…

I believe WAVECOM Q24 is a crap product that should not be on the market and advertised as GPRS TCP compattible.